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THE NEXT BEST THING is a comedy web series written, directed by and co-starring Joe Pistone.

The series follows John Bratton, a satirical columnist, who decides to swap coasts after a brutal breakup with his fiancée days before their wedding.

The humiliations and rare triumphs of John and his buddies are explored as they navigate the world of modern dating, past relationships, failed dreams and the realities of being an adult on the cusp of thirty.

1: Welcome to l.a., asshole!

After a brutal breakup with his fiancée days before their wedding, John Bratton uproots himself from life in New Jersey to take a job as a satirical columnist in Los Angeles. 

2: Scott shivers presents...

John realizes the writing gig he swapped coasts for is not quite what he was expecting.

3: onwards and upwards

After a rocky start in Los Angeles, things are finally looking up for John when he meets a nice young lady at a coffee shop. 

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